10 Habits Of Highly Successful People
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Why are some people more successful than the others? You see, you don't decide your future. You decide your habits, and your habits decide your future. No one succeeds overnight, and no one fails overnight. Success is nothing more than the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. Today I want to share with you the 10 successful habits that I have learned and developed over the years. Habit number one, successful people take 100% responsibility for their own life. You see, I was struggling, I was in my 20s. I had just failed my 13th business. I had started and failed at 13 businesses. And back then I was lost. And I was blaming, I was blaming everything else. And when I met my first mentor, Alan, when he sat down with me and he asked me the question, "Dan, what's not working?" I said, "Everything is not working!" Right? "I'm not making enough money", right? "I'm in debt, I had all these failures, I don't understand. "Customers are so cheap, the government, I don't know why." Right? "The tax is so high and everything, the economy's bad."
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And I was just pointing fingers at everyone else. I wasn't taking responsibility for my own life. My mentor Alan said to me, "Unless and until you take "100% responsibility for your own life, Dan, "you're not going to be successful." And I thought to myself, "Maybe he's right, maybe." At the time, I thought, "Maybe, not 100%, but maybe I'm at fault." And he says, "Not maybe, because you chose "to start those businesses. "You chose those partners. "You chose to spend you time on this. "Every single decision you made on your own, "to the best of your knowledge but still, "you chose what happened. "You chose and you act on it." And from then on, I learned to take responsibility. The buck stops with me. If it's meant to be, it's up to me and it's something that you need to think about because lame people blame people. You can make money or you can produce results. You cannot do both, so that's habit number one. Take 100% responsibility for your own life. Habit number two, and that is you have to decide exactly what you want. Most people in life don't get what they want because they don't know what they want, and my mentor said to me, "Well, Dan you need to set a goal."
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Now up to that point, I haven't set any goals. He said, "I want you to set a goal. "What is it that you really want?" Now at the time, as a young person, I thought my dream, my dream was I wanted to buy the RX8 Mazda. Red, rotary engine. And I thought if I could get that car, I have made it, right? That was my dream, that was my only dream! I thought it would be so cool if I could drive that car. And he said, "Good, set that as a goal. "Make that, that's what you want to do," right? I said, "Okay great!" So now from, kind of I'm doing all these things and I'm starting all these businesses and I wanted to provide for my mom, but I needed something to motivate myself.
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